As the White Lambskin is the Badge of a Mason, so is the regulation cap the badge of a Scottish Rite Mason. The caps of the Scottish Rite are prayer caps, always to be worn during prayer. It is to show our respect and devotion to God, and to identify ourselves as Masons of the Scottish Rite. It may be worn at Scottish Rites meetings and throughout the Reunion. Since they are prayer caps, they must not be worn on the street.
You may wonder, when you see the different color caps being worn by various members, what they denote.

A black cap indicates that the wearer has attained the 32nd degree. The great majority of the members wear this black cap.

A red cap means 32° Knight Commander of the Court of Honor (KCCH).
It is not a degree but an investiture. It is one of the great honors in all Masonry to be designated to receive this honor.

A light blue cap means that the wearer has been a Scottish Rite Mason for fifty years or more.
It is a great honor and achievement to have served the Rite for 50 years.

A purple cap indicates that the wearer is a 33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General and active Member of the Supreme Council

The white caps arc worn by those who have been honored with the 33° Inspector General Honorary. Almost all 33° Inspector Generals Honorary have previously been invested with the Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour. Exceptions are by the vote of the Supreme Council.

A White Cap with a scarlet band indicates that the wearer is a Deputy of the Supreme Council and an active member of the Supreme Council.

The white cap with a band of blue silk velvet is worn by the brother who is a 33° Mason and who has been elected by the Supreme Council to the Grand Cross of the Court of Honour. This is the highest decoration which can be bestowed on an Inspector General Honorary.

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