Degree Director Profile Image
4° The Secret Master Ramon Voils, 32° KCCH
5° Perfect Master Les Jones, 33°
6° Confidential Secretary Grant Simmons 32° KCCH
7° Provost and Judge Ramon Voils, 32° KCCH
8° Intendant of the Building Needs Director
10° Elu of the Fifteen Needs Director
11° Elu of the Twelve Needs Director
12° Master Architect Ramon Voils, 32° KCCH
13° Royal Arch of Solomon Les Jones - 33°
14° Perfect Elu Steven Sucher - 33°
15° Kinght of the East Needs Director
16° Prince Of Jerusalem Needs Director
17° Knight of the East West Needs Director
18° Knight of the Rose Croix Michael Strauss, 32° KCCH
19° Grand Pontiff Needs Director
20° Master of the Symbolic Lodge Needs Director
21° Noachite or Prussian Knight David Reilly,33°
22° Kinght of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus Needs Director
23° Chief of the Tabernacle Needs Director
24° Prince of Tebernacle Needs Director
25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent Needs Director
26° Prince of Mercy Needs Director
27° Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept Needs Director
28° Knight Commander of the Temple Needs Director
29° Scottish Knight of St. Andrew Les Jones. 33°
30° Knights Kadosh Isidro G Pentzke 32° KCCH
31° Inspector Inquisitor David Reilly 33°
32° Master of the Royal Secret Garry Paxinos 32° KCCH

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