Become a Scottish Rite Mason

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Membership is limited to Master Masons in good standing of any recognized Blue Lodge. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Scottish Rite, please call the office phone number above or e mail:

Before you can join the Scottish Rite, you must first become a Master Mason in a Lodge under a Grand Lodge that belongs to the Conference of Grand Masters in North America (COGMINA) or to a Grand Lodge recognized by a COGMINA Grand Lodge. For further information, contact your local Scottish Rite Body ( who can in turn assist you in finding the Masonic Lodge nearest you

If you are a Blue Lodge Mason and interested in learning about More Light in Masonry, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is commonly known as the Scottish Rite. It is one of several groups that are part of the worldwide fraternity known as Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite is the largest and most widely practiced Masonic Rite in the world and employs the Lodge system.

It is our mission to improve its members and enhance the communities in which they live by teaching and emulating the principles of Brotherly Love, Tolerance, Charity and Truth while actively embracing high social, moral, and spiritual values including fellowship, compassion, and dedication to God, family and country.

Our mission is Make Good Men and Make Them Better. We provide an environment where men can learn how to grow and make their families stronger and better for the community, faith and country through the practice of the most important tenets of Freemasonry. These are Brotherly Love, Tolerance, Charity, Truth, and to educate, promote and practice a way of life that binds like-minded men in a worldwide Brotherhood that overcomes all cultural, social and educational differences

Scottish Rite Freemasonry is comprised of Masons from the largest and one of the oldest fraternal organizations. It is a body of knowledge and a system of ethics based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country and fraternity. As Scottish Rite Masons, we lead by example, give back to our communities, and support numerous Masonic philanthropies. We invest in Children, our neighborhoods and our future.

Our Mission is guided by the enduring and relevant tenets of our fraternity which are Brotherly Love, Tolerance, Charity and Truth and our core values, which include:

Our lives are based on honor and integrity, and we believe that honesty, compassion, trust, and knowledge are important.

The fraternity values religious, ethnic, cultural, social and educational differences. We respect the opinions of others and strive to improve and develop as human beings.

Personal Growth:
Our continuous pursuit of knowledge, ethics, spirituality and leadership brings more meaning to our lives.

We make a difference in our communities through charitable giving, community service, and volunteerism.

We strive to be better spouses, parents and family members and are committed to protecting the well being of members and their families, especially when they are in need.

Scottish Rite Masons value the liberties outlined in the U. S. Constitution and continually promote freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship a Supreme Being in an individual way, and other important liberties. We believe it is our duty to exercise all of our liberties within due and proper bounds.

You may see Scottish Rite Masons with diffrent hats Click here to lrean more.

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