2020 Officers Lake Worth Consistory

Current Officers of the Valley: General Secretary, Valley of Lake Worth – Ill. Roy D. Strohacker, 33°

Personal Rep to Deputy of the Supreme Council – Ill. Stan Hudson, 33°


Elected Officers:

Master of Kadosh – Hon. Demetrios Kirkiles , 32°, KCCH

Prior of Consistory – Hon. Isidro Pentzke, 32°, KCCH

Preceptor of Consistory – Hon. Robert Gibbons, 32°, KCCH

Chancellor of Consistory/Kadosh – Bro. Frank Kiefer, 32°


Venerable Master Lodge of Perfection – Bro. Michael Weinberg, 32°

Senior Warden Lodge of Perfection – Bro. Djuree Arnett, 32°

Junior Warden Lodge of Perfection – Hon. William Paxton, 32°, KCCH


Wise Master of Chapter of Rose Croix – Bro. Scott Schwartzberg, 32°

Senior Warden Chapter of Rose Croix – Bro. Ray Rios, 32°

Junior Warden of Chapter of Rose Croix – Bro. Justin Shiver, 32°


Commander of Council of Kadosh – Bro. Clifford Kraft., 32°

1st Lt. Commander of Kadosh – Hon. Paul Sosnick, 32°, KCCH

2nd Lt. Commander of Kadosh – Hon. Michael Strauss, 32°, KCCH


Orator/Minister of State for all four Bodies – Bro. David Felty, 32°

Almoner of all four Bodies – Hon. Gary Robeson, 32°, KCCH


Appointed Officers (common to all four Bodies):

Prelate – Ill. Lester Jones, 33°

Master/Marshal of Ceremonies – Bro. Dairo Restrepo, 32°

Expert/First Deacon – Bro. Stephen Nelson, 32°

Assistant Expert/Second Deacon – Bro. Ramon Figueroa, 32°

Capt. of Guard/Lt. of Guard/Guardian of Temple – Bro. Abner Pedraza, 32°

Tiler/Sentinel – Bro. Samuel Hirschler, 32°


Appointed Officers (Common to two Bodies):

Bearer of the Beauseant, Council of Kadosh

Standard Bearer, Chapter of Rose Croix – Bro. Eduardo Resende, 32°


Appointed Office specific to the Council of Kadosh:

Turcopilier – Bro. Ken Vizy, 32°