Double Eagle Awards

General Guidelines: Points for the Award are accumulated on a continuing basis with a cutoff date of December 31st each year for the level of recognition to be presented at the following annual Double Eagle Awards Nights,


A black cap indicates that the wearer has attained the 32nd degree. The great majority of the members wear this black cap.

Levels of Recognition 
            500 points = Basic medallion with black ribbon
            1,000 points = Red hanging bar
            1,500 points = White hanging bar
            2,000 points = Blue hanging bar
            2,500 points = Gold hanging bar
            5,000 points = Red neck ribbon
            7,500 points = White neck ribbon
         10,000 points = Light Blue neck ribbon
          15,000 points = Red, White and Blue Tri-color ribbon
            20,000 points = Gold double eagle pin on tri-colored ribbon.